Designers & Creatives of the World Share your vision with us!

Urban Reforestation will be running a poster & storytelling competition throughout June - July.

The aim of the competition is for you to share your vision of Urban Reforestation with us. We will share the poster on our blog and social media and reference your work.

The aim is to continue an important conversation about Urban Reforestation and how it can change the face of our cities and the way we live in them.

The two winners will be sent a book The Five Borough Farm - Seeding the future of Urban Agriculture in New York City.

Email all posters and stories to

Please send through in PDF and jpg. formats.

Winners will be announced on July 30th.

Look forward to seeing your posters and visions!

DESIS Food Cluster - World Expo Milan 2015

 Urban Reforestation and Sustainable Everyday's (Design studio that manages Urban Reforestation) projects are being showcased at the World Expo in Milan as a part of the DESIS Food Cluster. To see the all the projects presented please press the link below:

Screenshot 2015-06-02 20.04.06.png

The Food Cluster is an initiative of DESIS Network that explores and promotes design knowledge for social innovation and sustainability in the food system. The cluster aims to highlight some transversal issues expressed in each project and, with this, propitiates further reflections and transversal knowledge.

This represents the work-in-progress of the knowledge and collects the various projects of the Network on which the reflection starts.
The cluster showcases food related projects generated in different Labs of the DESIS Network and, through the open comparison and discussion of different transversal issues, provides the possibility to: generate knowledge; understand better opportunities and threats; build transversal design knowledge; highlight the various design strategies used in different contexts and the results obtained in the specific projects.
The aim of the Cluster is to build a common understanding of how design for social innovation can contribute to the food systems, to collect the experience of the Network around this, and to open up a mature debate with external cases and stakeholders, with particular reference to the very hot topic of putting design creativity and expertise at the disposal of the definition of food policies for the cities.
The timing of the Food Cluster is focussed to the creation of a first dissemination event during the next Cumulus Milan Conference (The Virtuous Circle) in June 2015: this event, titled “Design for Social Food”, is scheduled for Friday, June the 5th. This will be the first public debate with invited experts of the on-going results of the Food Cluster, and will be followed by the publication of a booklet collecting the outputs of the work done.

The Food Cluster, launched in January 2015 by an initial group of promoters (POLIMI – DESIS Lab, Milan and SDS Brussels, Design Society Development DESIS Lab) is now open for submissions, and invites all the DESIS Labs to participate by presenting projects and experiences.
Detailed instructions on how to participate are available here, while the template for the case is available here.


Polimi DESIS Lab, Milan: Anna Meroni; Davide Fassi; María Ferreira Litowtschenko.
SDS, Brussels: François Jégou; Christophe Gouache.
Design Society Development DESIS Lab, Johannesburg: Angus Donald Campbell; Naudé Malan.

An Urban Reforestation Vision

Recently a talented architecture student David Tovar from New York interviewed Urban Reforestation for a research project he is doing. His outcome and research was so insightful and interesting we thought to post it here. Enjoy the read.

Have a read of this wonderful work on the following links:



David Tovar is an architecture student from the Bernard and Anne Spitzer School of Architecture in New York City, working with Lance Jay Brown