A Garden Walk

A beautiful day: a clear, blue sky, a warm sun and a slight breeze and pleasant company... what could be better than a leisurely stroll to the Garden?  That’s what about a dozen HUB Melbourne members signed up for last Friday. As we made our way from the inner city down to the Garden the starkness of the Docklands became apparent: the well-polished windows, the lines of shops, the bare concrete, the lack of people... a modern ghost-town broken up only by our chatter and story-telling.  But as we got closer, this harshness was slowly broken up: the water in the harbour, the wood of the dock, the grass along the waterfront with a few people lounging in the sun.  Then there it was: the little oasis in a concrete desert.  The Garden provided a welcome: shade, softness, fresh food, a place to chat and meet people.

Many of the people on the walk hadn’t been to the Docklands or the Garden.  This contrast of the Garden against its surrounds amazed them, and all were pleased to see some green relief and expressed the need for more of it.  A few of the members were so impressed with the Garden that they went along with Emily to tell their stories, opinions and beliefs on Docklands TV.  So don’t take my word for it, check out what they had to say at: http://www.docklandsnews.com.au/docklands-tv/urban-goes-green/08-04-2011.