Baix Llobregat Agricultural Park, Barcelona, Spain

Baix Llobregat Agricultural Park is located in the Llobregat Delta, 10 minutes west of Barcelona in Spain. The region has been the main supplier of fresh produce to Barcelona for many centuries. The park was founded in 1998 by a diverse group of organisations seeking to ensure the continuity of sustainable agriculture on Barcelona’s urban fringe in the face of increasing urban pressure. These organisations included the Provincial Council of Barcelona; the County Council of El Baix Llobregat; the Farmer’s Union in Catalonia and the 14 municipalities that have land in the region.

The park is highly productive and contains 2,930 hectares of high-quality fruit and vegetable crops, in both open air and greenhouse production. It is also part of a broader framework of linked areas called the Network of Natural Spaces, managed by the Department of Natural Resources. It preserves the productive, ecological and cultural values of the agricultural area, and aims to develop its social, economic and environmental functions through:

• efficiency of infrastructure and services in the agricultural land

• improvement of the production, marketing and sales of agricultural products

• modernisation of the farms

• formation of a quality space in harmony with the natural surroundings and urban consolidation

• disseminating knowledge on the natural and cultural heritage found in the park.