CERES Fair Food and Urban Reforestation

Two months ago CERES started to distribute organic and local fruits andvegetables within Melbourne. Urban Reforestation Shop became a "CityCousin" thanks to Corinne:

"I live in Docklands for year now, last May when I asked Emily from UrbanReforestation if they were planning to have a service of fruit andvegetable deliveries, she talked to me about CERES but nothing was putinto place yet. I agreed to take the lead on this because I reallywanted to have access to such a service.

CERES Small Basic box

CERES Small Basic box


I contacted CERES, they came to visit the Urban Reforestation Eco-shop, Iworked with their designer and Urban Reforestation designer to createcommon flyers and posters. I sent them to our local print shop,  distributed them with in building and public spaces.... On the 6th ofJuly we were receiving the first delivery of fruits and vegetableboxes.... Only 3 boxes... then the numbers increased slowly and as todaywe have between 10 and 15 boxes delivered every weeks.

I am really happy about this, first because I have my own fresh fruitsand vegetables each week, and secondly, I created a change within myneighbourhood : a new service that promote sustainability lifestyle, andlooking further : a change on our ecological footprint!!

I have to thank Urban Reforestation : with out Urban Reforestation shopand network, it would not have been so easy to make it happen!"

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