Over the past six months, Urban Reforestation's director Emily Ballantyne-Brodie has been assisting the Politecnico di Milano Design University to create their beautiful community garden - Coltivando "Convivial Garden". The Design and Innovation for Sustainability research lab which is a part of the INDACO department at Politecnico di Milano, is a world leading hub for sustainabile design. They are working on projects that focus on sustainable lifestyles with a particular focus on local food systems, co-housing, service design, social innovation and collaborative services.

The students working on the community garden project are highly motivated and creating some brilliant models and ideas to really activate community gardens in a lot of places. The project in currently in its engagement phase and there is plans to create the garden soon. The community around the campus as well as the staff and students are a pleasure to work with. It is exciting to see how this project progresses in the near future!

Here is a recent communication in Italian about the developments with the garden! Have a read within:

Stay tuned to this blog for more information!

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