Creating a Community

It seems the higher our living standards and the greater our technology, the more a sense of community fades away. We of the modern world are tough, independent and dynamic but are we missing something greater? Is it a time to bring back community?

At Urban Reforestation we definitely think so, and what better way to create a sense of community than to rally around a very good idea...

Urban Reforestation is about creating a community that is both local and global. It is about ideas of education and sustainability, about bringing the humble vegie patch to people that may not otherwise have the opportunity to get dirt under their fingernails.

Melbourne and the Docklands is the perfect venue for the breath taking concept of an urban garden. The garden sits amongst the apartments ands shop precincts, and all are welcome to come down and become a part of this great project  and join our global, local community. To come down and check it out we have a shop front at Shop 7 Merchant Street, Docklands or drop us an email, and if you see us pottering around don’t be shy and come and say hi!

The concept of urban farming is not new, places all over the world have adopted it and with great results. Rooftops, carparks, basements and sky rises have all been home to farms within cities. One of the most resounding outcomes of bringing the country into the city is the positive effects it has on the lives of the residents around. There is really nothing quite like cooking with fresh local tomatoes that you have helped grow.

At Urban Reforestation we are not just building a garden, we are building a community which you are invited to be a part of. Our garden is moving from it’s temporary beginnings to a larger area just down the road in October so now is the time to be a part of an exciting project from the ground up, or if you want to just find out more about what we are doing come by for a visit.

Urban Reforestation, Shop 7, Merchant st, Docklands 3008, Melbourne