creative|legal – Supporting Social Enterprise

creative|legal is a legal firm set up to support creative business of all kinds, and this includes a range of both commercial and not for profit or ‘social’ ventures. creative|legal works with and supports Urban Reforestation and has done so since its inception. The firm also works with several other social enterprise clients.

Director of creative|legal, Michael Tucak, says “my key interest in sustainable matters is the growth of social enterprise, where we can utilise not for profit structures to carry out what is otherwise commercial work, but instead for a wider social gain. 

It’s no longer just about a commercial profit-making business, or charity reliant on fundraising or donations – the new frontier is social enterprise. We work with a wide range of creative industry or entrepreneurial clients, and there are many opportunities to run new ventures as social enterprises”.

Another recent social enterprise client who has set up a not for profit film production company to sustainably make films about environmental and marine conservation issues. On this note Michael is also passionate about ocean and fisheries conservation and protection! Michael says,

“I grew up on the coast in Western Australia, so the beach and ocean is in my blood. Marine and fishery conservation is a massive issue for our time, both now and increasingly into the future as food stocks deplete. It is great to be able to support a social enterprise active in this area”.

creative|legal has been involved in the establishment and growth of Urban Reforestation and will continue to support Urban Reforestation with creating new business models and structures to support its ongoing social business ventures. creative|legal is enabling Urban Reforestation to be a social enterprise with professionalism and competence in delivering sustainable community outcomes and social innovation. Its advice ranges from the structuring and compliance required for not for profit entities to copyright and other “IP” issues on particular projects, as well as partner contracts.

Michael says creative|legal recognises that there are rapidly evolving needs within the social sector, the emerging area of social entrepreneurship and social investment. “There is a strong need to work with social enterprises to enable them to work effectively and lawfully with different sectors to create both tangible and effective outcomes – so that their good work can continue unimpeded”, he says.

“Our aim is that the partnership between creative|legal and Urban Reforestation will also help to grow new knowledge in sustainable business models – for the wider benefit beyond ourselves".

Social enterprise: business established with a social purpose, whereby profits made through delivery of a service are reinvested into the organisation, creating financial sustainability.

If you would like to contact creative|legal about their work in supporting social enterprise email Michael and visit the creative|legal website.