Cultivating Plants and Community

Picture 5

Urban Reforestation works from a wonderful office space called Hub Melbourne. In a nutshell, Hub Melbourne is a professional member community that drives innovation through collaboration. They host co-working spaces, curate experiences and catalyse connections for diverse individuals & organisations.

Urban Reforestation is the chosen plant specialist for the Hub Melbourne office space. We look after the plants, however we also assist Hub Melbourne to 'cultivate' their community of amazing minds. This is in line with our approach to sustainability as it encompasses ecological and social dimensions.

Our Community Engagement Coordinator Typhanie Cojean is a busy bee. She looks after the plants at Hub Melbourne. Also this year will be engaging different members of Hub Melbourne and profiling their innovative work relating to sustainability in Melbourne. She will also be keeping you in touch with other sustainability innovations that she researches around Australia and Internationally.

Stay tuned for Typhanie's weekly blogs and updates on the latest in sustainable design and the Hub Melbourne Community.