Docklands Sustainability Report and Results by Urban Reforestation

Target 3008 Project Report   URBAN REFORESTATION

Target 3008 Project Report

2009/2010 were the years Urban Reforestation engaged the Docklands community, built the demonstration Social Garden for Docklands and began our sustainable lifestyles program with support from the EPA and a large amount of in-kind support.

2010/2011 were the years Urban Reforestation carried out the Target 3008 project which involved conducting waste audits for two apartment blocks near the garden, Dock 5 and Victoria Point. You can read the results in the Waste Audit Report below. UR ran a sustainable lifestyles program to activate Docklands and the garden such as local food dinners, an eco-market and sustainable lifestyles education such as balcony garden workshops. UR created a film ‘Seeds of Change’ and over 40 informative sustainability education focused episodes of Urban Goes Green with Docklands TV. To see all of our work please read the Sustainable Everyday Design Report below.

2012 it is wonderful to see the new and permanent community garden being built for the Docklands which opened in July. There is also a garden coordinator role being funded to activate the garden with sustainable lifestyles events and community activities.

There is wonderful sustainable community outcomes for the Docklands over the past four years. Urban Reforestation hopes to see many more into the future!

Please visit links below  for reports by Urban Reforestation regarding our project Target 3008 in the Docklands, Melbourne, supported by the Victorian Government’s Sustainability Fund and a large amount of in-kind support.

Sustainable Everyday Design Report, Docklands, Melbourne

Waste Audit and Education Report, Docklands, Melbourne

Thank you to all of those people who have been involved throughout the Docklands project. Urban Reforestation and I are very grateful to people who have been supporters throughout this challenging and rewarding chapter! We thank you at the back of the reports.

A Special Thank you to Hilary Bradford Photography and Ellie Schroeder graphic design.