Life in the City Photography Exhibition at Urban Reforestation

City-life is constantly changing – with the times, the people and the technology.  But at a fundamental level, everything stays the same – the circle of life. What Urban Reforestation’s Target 3008 photography exhibition “Life in the City” highlights is just that – the unchanging elements of life.  Supported by the Victorian Government’s Sustainability Fund and Lend Lease, the exhibition draws on the key elements of life – family, community, happiness, well-being and vitality. 

These have been placed against a modern, urban environment, emphasizing that it is a rich man who could live comfortably amongst greenery and surrounded by life. Hilary Bradford has done some incredible work in capturing these elements in her work. The exhibition is being held in The Gauge, 825 Burke St, in the Docklands and will be open until the 17th of December.  Make sure you stop by for a peak!

And you can check out more of Hilary’s work at

Thank you to Lend Lease and the Victorian Government's Sustainability Fund for their support of this project.

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