Docklands Garden Brings Life and Soul to the Docks in Melbourne!

Melbourne’s love of bringing life to hidden spaces has sprouted in Docklands with the opening of its Community Garden in Geographe Street Docklands on Sunday 15 July, in a joint initiative from Urban Reforestation, Places Victoria and the City of Melbourne.

Urban Reforestation is thrilled to see the development of a larger and long term site for the Docklands Community Garden. This will provide the Docklands community with a place to relax, enjoy and learn about gardening and sustainable urban lifestyles. This will be the communities new backyard! Have a read from a recent article in the Docklands News:

This project is a giant leap forward for the Docklands and a call for change in re-designing planning policy towards a sustainable model. Planning policy needs to support communities and recognise people need to have quality of life in the place which they live. Wellbeing of people depends on having good community amenities. The major flaw in our current planning policies is developers are not required to invest much of their budgets into community infrastructure. This has to change for the future wellbeing of our suburbs.

Planning Policy to support Social Innovation and Entrepreneurial Projects like Urban Reforestation 

Urban Reforestation hopes to see more projects like this community garden supported in the future, in the Docklands development and around Melbourne. This means Victoria needs better planning policies to support sustainable development and healthy communities to thrive. In most instances communities know what is best for their place, so developers and local councils need to work closer with communities and organisations like Urban Reforestation to achieve better outcomes for all parties involved. This Docklands Community Garden project has taken three years to develop. It's practice service design models and processes can be a blueprint of how sustainable development can occur in Docklands and beyond.

Design of Place and Design of Policy Go Hand-in-Hand

In order to design sustainable communities and places, we need to have policy "designed" that supports the implementation and design of places. Our policy makers are designers too and they need to work closely with our urban designers and planners to achieve this vision. Otherwise, there is a blackbox and disconnect between the policy and the actual reality on the ground. 



Getting your hands dirty on the Docks!

The Docklands Community Garden is a great place for people to literally get their hands dirty pottering in the garden, as well as a leafy place to catch up with mates over a barbeque. Docklands residents have taken a strong lead by planting snow peas, mint and parsley in one of the new veggie patches at the community garden, which is adjacent to the Village Green on Victoria Harbour.

There’s now lemon and lime trees taking root, as well as a communal barbeque, a rosemary grove and two big vegetable patches, plus barrels that will soon brim with herbs and other edibles. The garden makes great use of timbers and materials that have been salvaged from other areas during the Docklands development project.

Over winter, the garden beds are open for all to dig as they please, and people are welcome to help develop the guiding principles and systems for a coordinated spring planting season.

Everyone's welcome at Docklands Community Garden at any time, any day of the week.

The Docklands Garden is located on Geographe Street. You can get to the Docklands by tram or walk from Southern Cross Station. To get to Geographe Street, you can either go via Bourke Street (No. 86 tram) by turning left on to Geographe Street; or via Collins Street (No. 48 tram) by turning right on to Keera Way, then on to Geographe Street.