Noble Park Community Garden Opening and Poem

On Sunday 30th of September at 10.30am the Noble Park Community Garden will be opened by Mayor, Councillor Youhorn Chea, from the Greater Dandenong Council.

Urban Reforestation has really enjoyed working with this strong and passionate community. So much so, Emily our director has written a poem about the amazing people who have been involved in the garden and made things happen on the ground.

Here it is:

Community Spirit at Noble Park Community Centre The Noble Park Community Garden is growing so well All of those Action Days are making us as fit as a bell

The Action days have been a real hoot Many people from left right and centre have been helping the garden shoot

Noble Park Rotary blew the community centre away With generosity and support to ensure all goes okay!

Conn, the president of the Noble Park Rotary Club believed in us from the start Then he brought along the whole club, who helped to shovel, pull and cart.

Derek, the landscape architect was with Rotary too and he was there in rain, hail and shine And by gee that great man made sure everything would be just fine

Veronica baked for hours and hours to feed all the Action Day crews. She has also supported, sowed and styled the garden and even planted in shoes.

Nina had vision and worked hard from day one. She has worked like a navy and been like the Sun!

Heather was there when an integral connection needed to be made. This enabled Rotary to pick up their spades

Noble Park Primary came along to grow like green thumbs. They also learnt a lot about community gardens to share with their chums

Bunnings Sandown made us all gush. They turned up to the centre with good will to help and a ute full of stuff!

The MS Group has been their right from the start. They are making a mosaic bird bath, which really looks the part

Paul is a keen volunteer who has been our handy man on site He has erected compost bins, vertical farms and planter boxes with great might

Mumma-mia the Italian Club have given us gardening advice And even brought along lemons to share with us thrice

Nicole has assisted with gardening nous. She can make those plants grow as big as a house

Genevieve is a wise soul. Who will teach as about gardening and not about coal

The African group have started a trend. They are decorating their planter box, what a beautiful Message to send

Griselle from council has given us wonderful advice It is so nice to know we have their support without having to pay a price

Steve from Council has shown a lead And made sure our planter boxes were picked up with speed

Gabby and the Dandenong Market helped to set the foundations Those apple crate planter boxes are real sensations

Okay, John Farnham we sent you a letter! Singing "Your The Voice" at our opening on the 30th of September would make it so much better!

In fact whether a show from Jonny, or not Our community and it's garden has really hit the spot

The people of Noble Park have been just a pleasure The spirit in this community is something to treasure.


Poem by Emily Ballantyne-Brodie