Noble Park Community Garden Project Underway!

The new Noble Park Community Garden is an initiative of Noble Park Community Centre and is strongly supported by local council and local businesses. Together with key stakeholders, Noble Park Community Centre and Urban Reforestation are seeking to define a vision for the site that will deliver an exemplar community garden for the benefit of local residents and the Noble Park Community Centre visitors. Key to the success of this project is the engagement of the local community in the design and delivery of the space, to build support and energy for the project and as a tool to assist in community building.

Who is Noble Park Community Centre? 

Noble Park Community Centre (NPCC) is a community based organisation based in the south eastern suburb of Noble Park. The Centre aims to provide opportunities to the local community for education, personal and professional development and social cohesion.

The organisation is run on community development principles with community empowerment and self determination at the heart of all initiatives. With a diverse and eclectic mix of members, the Noble Park Community Centre is a hub for community groups, sporting clubs and cultural associations of all kinds to mix, socialise and run activities for their members.

About the new Noble Park Community Garden

The Noble Park Community Garden will give the opportunity to local residents and organisations to participate in gardening activities, food growing and workshops, and a place for local residents to simply enjoy.

The design consultations will take place on Tuesday March 20th 2012 at the Noble Park Community Centre. Time: 11am and 7pm at Noble Park Community Centre.

We hope to see you there to participate

Blank Canvas - at Noble Park Community Centre! It is now your opportunity to create a beautiful garden at this site, together as a community! Noble Park Community Centre and Urban Reforestation is looking forward to working with you to design and create a beautiful place. If you have any questions please contact Project Manager Nina Springle on her email:

Worms and Gardening at UR