Reclaiming the Curb?! Do you have a site to work on?

Dear All,

This is a call out from Libertas Food Gardens, Melbourne Roof Top Honey and Reclaim the Curb: We think it is possible to create a nicer, healthier and an ecologically sound urban environment for us to live in and our children to grow up in. We are offering our services to anyone wanting to green up public land. Libertas will assist with their designs at a heavily discounted (and sometimes free) rate! Inspired by the essence of “guerrilla gardening” and strong of our experience creating urban Permaculture gardens, we pretty much volunteer our resources, knowledge and connections to help create and facilitate such initiatives.

Here are some concepts drawn up by Libertas Food Gardens:

Picture 33
Picture 32

Now looking for sites around Melbourne!

The City of Yarra council has produced a “Guidelines for Neighbourhood Gardening”, available at . We can recommend reading it and familiarising yourselves with it. Its is not an expression of our views or a document we feel bound to follow in its entirety, but it definitely is an interesting and innovative tool at our disposal.

We are now looking for interested citizens and potential sites to green up.

In case anyone needs a few arguments to  green up and diversify the planting of a nature strip, here are a few of the benefits:

  1. It is visually more appealing than grass or dirt, it makes for a prettier city.
  2. It can produce a crop for people, either food, herbs, cut flowers, honey or medicinal plants.
  3. It attracts and feeds animals, insects (honey bees!), mammals, birds, reptiles…
  4. It builds soil, which is a very effective way to sink carbon.
  5. If well designed can help drastically slow down run-off. This is a major issue for the creeks and Port-Phillip Bay.
  6. It can create a locally managed landscape. So instead of the council needing to pay for maintenance it can be done by locals. We can also create extremely low maintenance gardens that will incur fewer expenses and mostly avoid petrol powered mowing.
  7. The psychological, emotional and spiritual benefits of being in contact with nature are some of the major beneficial effects we are hoping for with this project.

If you think you have the perfect bit of nature strip in front of your house, and are willing to green it up with us, contact us by email at

A few links on our site of such projects: