Reshape. redesign. recreate!

Urban environment is tricky territory; it can be planned to the smallest detail but will constantly change organically at the hands of its inhabitants.

Whether it's the slums of New Delhi or the skyline of Manhattan, it's all about people shaping their own environment.

A city that is not designed for its citizens and their welfare will be empty, soulless and alienating.

This blog's goal is to make you the planner of your own city, whether it's the public space next to your backyard, your neighborhood, or the highway that brings you to work every morning.  You are a part of this ‘urban ecology’, so be a part of shaping your habitat!

Here, your input counts, in order to form a joint vision that will get to decision makers. Policy makers, decision makers and designers don't always know what you want. It's your chance to tell them how YOU think things should be!

Every few days I'll post a space in Melbourne that hasn't achieved its full potential. I'll attach some information and few examples of similar projects around the world to warm you up.  It will be great to have your feedback. If you find spaces you wish to transform and change, please send them to me and I will post your ideas.

Be creative. Be bold. Make a comment. Argue. And leave your mark on your city.

Ready? Dig in!!!

Our first space is the median strip of Canning st and MacArthur square in Carlton.

Melbourne is blessed with wide streets that hold a lot of free space for parking cars, traffic lanes, trees and loans. This space in Carlton got all of these except... People. This photo was taken in a beautiful sunny morning, during the school holidays, in the middle of a residential zone. Yet, it felt deserted.

What would you do to bring back some life to the square? How would you use the median strip in a different way to make it more functional? The city is your sketch board, draw!


Want to get inspired? Get the wheels moving? Here are some funky examples from similar projects around the world!

Communal garden in San Francisco

Café and bike lanes in Tel Aviv

> More bike lanes from creative Portland minds

Add, comment, give more examples and share ideas from your own back yard below :)