There's people in the lobby...

If you are a resident of Dock 5 or Victoria Point, you may find yourself wondering, over coming weeks – Who are these people hanging out in the lobby? Why do they want to talk to me? And what is that game they always want to play? The answer to all these ponderings is quite simple.  They are the Urban Reforestation Team.  They want to tell you about their project Target 3008.  Their origami fortune-teller-style game contains the key messages of their campaign.  These are the short answers.

Longer answers extend much further than this.  They are the Urban Reforestation Team, but they have their own stories too, which include growing concern over environmental and sustainability issues, urban development and lifestyles.  Have a chat to them, and they will tell you more.

They want to talk to you to get to know the residents.  What are your concerns? Interests? Backgrounds? Why did you choose to live in the Docklands? Do you like it there?  In layman’s-terms they’re just up for a chat in general about life.

The game that they throw around is based on the origami fortune-tellers common to primary school playgrounds.  Based on this design they incorporate their main messages through images.  And by “playing the game” they hope to show through these images the importance of their work.

So if you see people down in your lobby – don’t think of them as lurkers – they are just there for a casual chat.