Urban Agriculture in Havana Cuba

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Urban Reforestation would like to share some facts on Havana, Cuba which has an inspiring Urban Agriculture program.

The Provincial Physical Planning Directorate of Havana identified unused land areas and set up a Provincial Commission to set guidelines for the establishment of urban agriculture and define conditions for agricultural use of urban land. Municipal Work Committees were created to assist urban agriculture. This included: • Usufruct – the legal right to use and derive benefit from a property that belongs to another person, provided that property is not damaged; this allowed broad access to vacant land for cultivation • providing agricultural services into urban areas • developing and legalising new forms of marketing, including stalls and farmers markets • research into intensive methods of production in small spaces. Outcome – a farming city: • self-employment and career opportunities – 140,000 jobs created in the sector UA provides 50% of fresh vegetables for the city and utilises 12% of the land base in the city • small patio spaces produced 326.9 million eggs, and 7.7 tons of poultry meat in 2000 • production ranges from family-level plots to state run enterprises with employees • supports other enterprises like worm farms, seed houses, consultancies and farmers markets.

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