Urban Reforestation in China | 在中国的城市再造林

Over the past week Urban Reforestation's director Emily Ballantyne-Brodie attended the Victorian Super Trade Mission in China. This week our organisation, along with the Victorian Sustainable Urban Design Delegation (40 leading architecture, development and urban design companies from Victoria) has met people from all around China who are interested in designing liveable and sustainable cities. Urban Reforestation is so pleased to meet all of our Chinese friends from Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing, Chengdu and Dongguan. We are looking forward to meeting again and creating some Urban Reforestation projects in your cities! We believe there is great potential to build strong relationships with China and work towards developing sustainable urban communities that can be leading models for future sustainable urban developments.

Australia has a lot of great knowledge and expertise to share with China on creating sustainable places. For instance, we are great community gardeners, permaculturists, landscape architects, urban designers, architects, community and sustainable designers. In Australia we are very conscious about water issues, green buildings and being "at one" with nature. Australia is a beautiful place with vast environments.

Likewise, China has great knowledge to share with Australia about sustainable urban living. The greenery in your cities is beautiful, your energy efficiency and waste management is leading and sophisticated, your green city visions are very inspiring, particularly for green belt cities (peri-urban agriculture). Finally, your use of the public space is done so well. People love to share experiences with one another, play sport, dance, interact and share in your public spaces. China is also becoming a great leader in Clean Energy and Carbon Markets.

It is great Australia is quite close to China! This is a wonderful opportunity to work together and we are nearly in the same time zone!! Urban Reforestation looks forward to working with China in the future and work on creating beautiful, sustainable and liveable cities together!

Chinese friends, please contact us if you are interested in working with us. It was a pleasure to meet you this week and thank you for your hospitality!

Chinese Version of our message:

中文(简体)英语日语 在过去的一周,城市再造林出席了维多利亚时代的超级贸易代表团在中国。这一周我们的组织,以及与维多利亚可持续发展的城市设计代表团(40领先的建筑,从维多利亚的发展和城市设计公司),满足了人们从中国各地有兴趣的宜居和可持续发展的城市设计。