Urban Reforestation's Urban Forest, Melbourne Opinion

Urban Reforestation Melbourne would like to know your implementation plan. Who will be engaging the community in 're-foresting' Melbourne?  

Urban Reforestation Melbourne is an organisation which is equipped to assist the City of Melbourne to achieve their objectives (similar to Green Thumb in New York). Is there a way to partner with social business likes ours in your community to ensure it is not just going to be a 'top down' strategy in the implementation. There needs to be capacity building from the 'bottom up' for a strategy like "Urban Forest" to come to life.

A world leading Sustainable Designer Ezio Manzini that has inspired a lot of Urban Reforestation's work says: "services traditionally delivered by the public sector consider their users to be passive recipients.  What happens if we imagine a new generation of public services attuned to active and collaborative citizens? Typically, the design and development of public services has been based on top-down processes. What happens if a new generation of services emerges from a collaborative, largely bottom-up, design process?"

How does Urban Forest propose to design an authentic bottom-up design process when implementing their "Urban Forest" strategy?  The Urban Forest strategy will only be wholly effective if you engage citizens to participate through planting in public spaces and their own balconies and back gardens.

If you are interested to be in touch with us and our projects and how enquire how Urban Reforestation can assist you with Urban Forest around Melbourne please email Emily, emily.b.brodie@urbanreforestation.com