Vancouver Food Policy Council

Vancouver Food Policy Council (VFPC) comprises individuals from all sectors of the local Food system, including nutritionists, Food wholesalers and distributors, Food retailers and grocers, managers of non-profit organisations and academics engaged in the Food system. Please read the strategy here: VFPC aims to build a Food system that is ecologically sustainable, economically viable and socially just, through collaboration between citizens and government officials.

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There is now a wealth of resources assessing and explaining the Vancouver Food system. They have contributed to the strategic development of policies and programs to achieve change.

They include:

-        City of Vancouver By-laws, Policies

-        Guidelines and Decisions Related to the Food System

-        The Vancouver Food System Assessment Report

-        City of Vancouver’s Urban Agriculture Design Guidelines for the Private Realm.

Examples of successes and current activities include:

-        Adoption of the Vancouver Food Charter in 2007

-        Supporting the development of community gardens and bee-keeping within Vancouver, including a site at the City Hall and a commitment to 2010 growing spaces by 2010

-        Amendment to by-laws enabling people to keep chickens within urban areas

-      Street vendor program that supports nutritious and culturally diverse curbside food provision.

Thank you to Food Sensitive Planning Manual for providing the summary:

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