Urban Reforestation is a sustainable design organisation that has a strong focus on transforming our cities into sustainable places through activating and greening urban spaces. UR is helping to plant seeds for sustainable communities. We are inspiring and enabling places that are vibrant, social, beautiful, soulful, connected, ecologically sustainable and economically sustainable. A good analogy to make when thinking about the process of forming a sustainable community is to think of creating a beautiful garden. If you think of all of the different types of vegetables, flowers and fruits you can grow and the diversity that exists in all of these seeds. The same diversity of seeds is needed when creating resilient and vibrant sustainable urban communities.



So how do you actually make 
“Urban Reforestation” happen? Remember this is a process that is not just about planting trees! This is a process that involves many people taking individual steps to improve their communities, local economies, sparking cultural activities, embracing sustainable lifestyles, enjoying conviviality and much more. It is a complex process of transforming our cities into sustainable places to live, work and play.

It is a process of:

- inspiring localisation.

- enabling resilient communities.

- creating and valuing urban nature and ecological systems.

- not wasting anything, a shift in paradigm in relation to the way we use resources.

- building vibrant culture and activities that are owned by the community.

- highly valuing local economies.

- valuing concepts of ‘small’, ‘open’, ‘local’ and ‘connected’.


I am discovering this process is about people sparking social innovation on their doorstep all around the world.

Interdisciplinary teams, new skills, new learning, creativity, community connecting, sustainable lifestyles culture embraced, ingenuity and innovation from leaders, technical skills, team work, a yearning for a new lifestyle, and bold visioning all help to make this ‘new way’. It is alive now, and growing all around the world.


Urban Reforestation believes creating and connecting to sustainable urban places means we can live happier and healthier lives in the urban environment. This is why we do the work we do.

Blog by Emily Ballantyne-Brodie, director of UR.