What is Urban Farming All About?

Urban Farming is about bringing sustainable food production into the cities, using underutilized space like rooftops and empty plots to create a farming environment in the city. It can mean anything from a backyard chicken coup, a veggie patch on your window sill or like Urban Reforestation down at the Docklands, a community co-operation to create a farm in the city.

There are so many benefits to Urban Farming, as it creates communities and education around the process of food production.

Food production, particularly in the western world is the leading contributor to environmental damage today, and whilst we at Urban Reforestation shy away from doom and gloom we do aim to educate and inspire knowledge around where our food comes from and how it gets to us. If we can create communities to share in this knowledge and come together to create sustainable produce in our under used city spaces we are certainly one more meaningful step closer to becoming sustainable.

So here is a list of why Urban Farming is so great.

Urban Farming - takes advantage of underutilized space, breaks up the concrete jungle, it gives us a space to breathe and connect, contributes to health and well being of our communities, creates communities; it’s a space to make friends and share ideas, is fun, seriously when was the last time you picked a freshly grown vegetable.

On a serious note though, in this world food production has an element of uncertainty to it, and it is important for us all, now why we have a chance to take the time to educate ourselves about food production and ways to keep it sustainable, because I for one am not willing to give up fresh fruit for breakfast.

Urban Farming; join the food revolution, if not to save the world, because it’s fun and a great way to make new friends.

Urban Reforestation, 71 Merchant st, Docklands, Melbourne.