What's the link between sustainability and sailing?

Everything has been happening down at Urban Reforestation.  If the past month has been any precedent, the next few should be something to look forward to.  The project Target 3008, supported by the Victorian Government Sustainability Fund, is well under way, perhaps in its most exciting stage at the moment. Free workshops have been running on Worm Farming, Organic Gardening and Balcony and Rooftop Gardening, as part of the Sustainable Living Festival, with more in the coming weeks.  These have been hugely successful, with great attendance and feedback from Docklands residents.

A Local Food Dinner is planned for Sunday (the 6th of March), as part of the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival, and is already booked out!  With a boat ride across the harbour with Alinthia on their yacht Blizzard, live music (provided by Bryce Clark, from Bryce Clark) and a three course dinner at the restaurant Live Bait, it is no wonder that tickets sold out fast.  It promises to be an exciting evening for all.


With all these events around Target 3008 it can sometimes be hard to keep track of what it is all about.  All events, while they may seem at odds, emphasise one aspect of Target 3008.  Workshops aim to demonstrate to residents and to enable them to take part in more sustainable lifestyles; showing them all they need to go about it.  The Local Food Dinner stresses the importance of fresh, local produce and the gathering of neighbours and social connectedness around such a feast.... but it all starts and ends with waste.

It was from waste that Target 3008 started.  A key underpinning of the project is to reduce household waste in the Docklands.  We show through our workshops that this can easily be done through composting, with the use of a Bokashi Bucket, the final product being a great fertiliser for gardens.  The produce from which can be used in cooking – for yourself, friends and family.

The process of cooking is a process by which nature is transforming into culture - Levi Strauss

But Target 3008 goes beyond this – transforming waste, to nature, to culture.  This demonstrates, in local context, how to create a lifestyle around the food system: growing, sourcing, preparing, sharing and composting.

So make sure you keep listening for updates in the coming weeks.  Another Local Food Dinner is planned for the 26th of May and a Celebration of Target 3008, and we’d love to see you there.