Worm farming: fantastic, fun and functional


Worm farming: fantastic, fun and functional. There are many ways that you can reduce your organic waste output.  But one of the most intriguing and quirky ways is worm farming!  It’s a great way to compost.  The farm takes up little space and the compost can go straight into your garden, pot plants or into the composting facility at the community garden.  You can feed the worms food scraps, cardboard, tissues and garden waste.

Your average household would not need a farm any bigger than one square metre, as each worm eats half their body weight every day!  It’s a simple and easy process that yields great results! You’ll catch yourself peaking in every now and then to see how your worms are going.

This is the type of initiative that is encouraged in Urban Reforestation’s Target 3008 project.  Supported by the Victorian Government Sustainability Fund, the project is enlisting Docklands’ residents into reducing their organic waste.  And worm farms are a fun way that you can do this. 

If you’re interested in worm farms, have a look under the “Workshops and Events” tab on the website and you’ll be able to see the details on worm farm workshops offered by Urban Reforestation.  They’re also for sale at the Urban Reforestation Store at quite reasonable prices.

For more information on Target 3008, or if you want to get involved or just tell us what you think, feel free to drop into the shop in the Docklands and have a chat. Or you can email us at: clare.brereton@urbanreforestation.com