January 2008 – July 2012

Urban Reforestation’s Docklands Community Garden was our first major project and was initially established on a trial basis after Emily Ballantyne-Brodie approached Docklands' developers Vic Urban and Lend Lease with our proposal. They provided the space, while EPA Victoria funded the plants and garden supplies. Good use was made of the timber and materials salvaged from other areas of the Docklands development. City of Melbourne, architects, landscape architects, eco-designers, permaculturalists and, last but not least, people from the Docklands community also contributed to the success of this project.

Docklands Community Garden has lemon and lime trees, a rosemary grove, vegetable patches, plus barrels for herbs and other edibles. Over winter, garden beds are open for all to dig as they please, and people are welcome to help develop the guiding principles and systems for a coordinated spring planting season. It's a great place for people to literally get their hands dirty and become green thumbs in a convivial community garden. Huge potential exists to use this innovative urban space for community activities like dinners, farmer’s markets, events, garage sales and kids parties, so it truly becomes a hub for the local community and an “activated” green space.


Photography provided by Hilary Bradford

Target 3008 Project Report URBAN REFORESTATION

Target 3008 Project Report